Since I am a self-published author with limited resources, I decided to make a covenant with the Lord - He is to be my official Editor, Book Agent, and Marketing Manager. One night in prayer, He made His first directive clear: Make the full edition of this book available for free viewing online - no exceptions!

The rest of the details I’m leaving to Him...

If the Lord has spoken to you, and you feel this book should be read by as many as people as possible, and you’d like to donate to this cause, please click on the link below. You’ll be promptly redirected to PayPal where donations of any amount are accepted. All funds will be allocated to website maintenance and continued marketing in order to reach a wider audience.

Thank you so much for your generosity, and I ask our Heavenly Father to bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
"God has also designed His Word for the layman among us - not just for the PHD."
-An Excerpt From Changed
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